Winter Flows & Begining of the Spawn

Winter Flows & Begining of the Spawn

Winter time at Lee’s Ferry means high flows(20,300 cfs) and of course December signifies the start of this years spawn. We are using a few different techniques out there, depending on where on the river you are fishing.

First rig is your standard nymphing rig; 9′-5X leader, 15” of 5X tippet, first fly, 18-20”,second fly, I use a double indicator, and a split shot(size depends on location) above tippet knot(15” above first fly). This rig is your drifting rig and can be used river wide, your favorite wading bars are a good place to start for drifting.

Second rig is a dry-dropper rig; 7.5′-3X leader, dry fly(size 10, stemmy, or cicada pattern), and 5X tippet from their(length depends on location), to a size 16, zebra midge. This rig is used in small seams and side water, located at your favorite wading bars, anchor your boat, or if you dare; wade fish.

Third rig is a modified nymphing rig; 9′-5X leader, tie on fly(size 16 egg patterns, size 14 scud patterns, size 14 San Juan worm pattern), 10-12” above the fly goes your split shot(size depends on location), and a single indicator(the smaller the better) 4-5′ from fly. This is the rig I use to sight fish for the spawners, either from an anchored boat or again if you dare; wading.

Last but not least; for those of you like me that enjoy streamer fishing; tie the ol’ olive bugger on your sink tip line and either swing it thru your favorite riffle, or strip it thru your favorite seam or back eddie.

Winter time is beautiful at the Ferry, the lighting is extraordinary during the winter months. Come on down and fish with us, or boats are fully covered and we’ll have the heater running for you. Fishing is good, weather is fair, and you will enjoy this time of year, so please let us know if we can be of service.

Remember “keep that rod tip up”, and I wish you all tight lines blue skies!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Mick Lovett

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