Walk in

Everything that could of went wrong did this morning.  I fished the walk in this morning from 8-11 today and  it was expensive.   I fished the top of the boulder field and the fish were there.  The water was still low so I started with a 7′ nymphing rig two#4s a ginger scud and chocolate San Juan worm.  Second cast I had a double, two fish probably 10-11 inches put me in a fast current and my tippet snapped.  Two fish stuck together,two new flys down.  I thought the two were to much for the 5x, but turns out my tippet spent to much time in the sun.  I broke off the next three fish before I changed spools of tippet.  After that mess I continued to hook fish, fight them but never land one.  I changed everything from length, how I set, drag everything I could think of couldn’t fix it same results.  Around 9:15 the water came up and didn’t top out tell 10.  The fish moved up into a foot of water and sometimes less . I had the best fight on my way back to shore with a nice football in shallow water but lost it as well.  Scud and worm, double worms were the only flys I thru today and they were working. I intend to redeem myself going to change rods and dress thicker next week.  The walk in was empty and the fish seamed to be feeding.  Next time I will throw streamers as well at 11 the suns glare is unavoidable,making it impossible to see a indicator. Tell next week.
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