Today on Lees Ferry fishing was good. All morning we had good numbers running a nymphing setup. Like the previous post we were running the same length and setup. I found the sand devil set up was working the best, black#16 zebra midge on top being followed by a #16-18 red midge. The fish were super active all morning, in the afternoon the output flow increased which required some minor adjustments. When you are fishing the Ferry pay close attention to the canyon walls were they meet the water. You will be able to watch the water fluctuate through they day. So always keep that in mind and adjust your rig accordingly. When the water increased I added another foot between my indicator and first fly, keeping the rest of the setup the same. We were also able to get some good site fishing in on big sand bars using a streamer setup. After siting your fish, use the current to let your line swing your fly in front of them and watch it happen. Good takes and always a great show. Until the next, keep me in the loop and yours from crashing.
Kyle Klemme-Guide
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