The Importance of Finding the Right Rod Grip

Rod Grip With certain sporting activities, such as golfing and baseball, the grip on your club or bat drastically influences the results of your swing.

Similarly, grips for fly-fishing are also vital to one’s success. The way you hold your fly rod and how well your grip is will often determine whether you’ll have a successful day or not. You might be surprised at how big an influence the grip has on the way you cast. The angler’s casting stroke does depend greatly on the rod’s action.

You could ultimately have the most expensive fly fishing rod overall, but if the way you are holding it is incorrect or if your grip is too loose, the cost won’t matter.

There is a variety of grip options available for fly-fishing rods. You will certainly want to pay attention to the diameter of the grip. You don’t want to over-clutch the grip, which is caused by a too small of a grip. This will lead to very fatigued hand, arm and shoulder muscles. With the right grip, you are allowing the muscles you need the most to remain relaxed and provide a straighter cast.

If you’ve noticed that your hand and arm muscles are sore after a day of fly-fishing or that your cast is not proving to be beneficial to the success of fly-fishing, you might want to consider a new rod grip. At Lee’s Fly Fishing, we can help you determine the best rod for your fly-fishing needs, and our guides can take you on a fishing endeavor that will surely result in a success!

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