Reasons to Have an Outdoor Hobby

Outdoor Hobby If you’ve ever lived in a cold, snowy climate, you know that winter can get a bit depressing since you are seemingly cooped up inside the house for most of the season. However, having an outdoor hobby, like skiing, can cheer you up and give you something to look forward to on otherwise dreary days.

Outdoor hobbies can include sports or other pursuits such as fly fishing. Called “the contemplative man’s recreation” by author Izaak Walton, fly fishing works well as an outdoor hobby that’s not too demanding on the body and mind, but, rather “just right” for a bit of a challenge.

With fly fishing, you use an artificial “fly” to catch a fish. Fly fishing involves using a fly rod, reel and weighted line with the hopes that, after a good cast, fish will bite at the fly in their midst.

Lee’s Ferry is an area in Arizona just above the Grand Canyon where you can fly fish the Colorado River with an experienced guide from Marble Canyon Outfitters. So, even if you’ve never tried fly fishing before, there’s the opportunity to rent gear, enjoy a boat ride, and get expert instruction on how to fly fish. Maybe you’ll catch some rainbow trout– take pictures to show your friends and family!

Outdoor hobbies are especially nice because they force you to get out of your house and into the fresh air. Typically you’re surrounded by either people (in cities) or nature (in the rural areas), and hobbies can include photography for fun, bird watching, ATV riding on trails, and/or hiking up mountains or cliffs.

There’s something that just feels good about being outdoors where all five senses are engaged. For centuries our ancestors spent the majority of their time outdoors. Isn’t it time we, as a society, found some fun things to see and do outdoors in order to get away from our computer screens?

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