Post Flood

Aftermath from flood,
Took three guys up this Saturday that were new to Lees Ferry and had a great day.  We started the day at 4 mile,  my first demo drift never made it to show what a mend was before I was setting.  The fish at four mile were gourging themselves on worms.  Two or three we fish we caught had mouth fulls of live worm crawling out of there mouths and gills.  Never have I seen this and it was awesome fishing with a san jaun worm.  Fish were drawn to dark colors,chocolate,maroon,purple the lighter colors which I perfered, orange,flesh, light brown they didnt like.  I started the morning out with all three nymphing but thrown differnt flys, one scud w/egg, otter egg/worm, worm/midge.  Caught a few on the midge think we came onto the bar while a hatch happened, but once it was over they didnt want anything but a worm. With a higher flow for this month alot of fish were up shallow seraching for food which let us do some sight fishing which is always exciting. We did a double dry 16/20 in calm water on the sides of seams and eddies and had a few takes.  We also fished 14 and 8 both spots we landed fish.  Im excited to go drift from the boat and see if we can find some bigger fish. Hopefully I have a day out to my own to try this and keep you informed this week.  Im also headed to the walkin this morning so I will be sure to let you know how it goes.
Kyle M.C.O.

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