October 27

Hello fellow fishermen and women.
Fishing on the Ferry is still producing good fish and with good weather it is a great time to be in the canyon. I have had good success on gravel bars were the water drops off the edge of the run. I have been using a standard midgeing rig normally around 6′ to my first fly but will very on locations. Fallowing about 16-18 inches to my dropper fly. Flys, top fly will consist of a #16 zebra midge, main colors I run are black, laser and a purple and silver. For the dropper we have found that the smaller the fly the more action produced. Fish seam to catch on to the gig quicker than usual so I am always changing out my bottom fly. Normally start with a 18-20 black midge. Once the fish seam to catch on I will change colors and even throw San Juan worms and scuds. My growing favorite way to catch fish is the streamer. Tie on a olive to brown woolly bugger with some hackle in it, throw out to were a seam and back eddie are present. Key is to always try to present it in different retrieves from long slow strips, to quick short jerks. Try to keep it low to the bottom some were in the 6-8” from the bottom. I apologize for no photos but they will be on the next report. Size of the fish have been from the new fry hatching’s to some really nice hogs, fish are always there and are waiting for you. Hope to catch you all out there, as always keep me in the loop and yours from crashing.
Thank you,
Kyle Klemme-MCO Guide
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