May Day

May Day

Fishing upriver has improved.  As with the walk-in report, the fish have been active all day.  The only time fishing slows slightly is when the water drops after lunch.

We started the day throwing our suspended midging rig.  In the morning, we ran 36 inches to the first fly and a standard 16-18 to the dropper.  Sizes of the midge stay consistent with a size 16.  When the flow increased throughout the morning, we kept an eye on our length and continued to lengthen the first fly as necessary.  I caught several hatches in my hat today and all were black bodied.  Using this information my first fly was a standard 16 Black Zebra used alongside my favorite dropper.  We continued using these rigs all day and never looked back.

At lunch, I had a private boat anchor too close so we busted out the olive wooly bugger which always works when used in a streamer.  We caught fish off their bow which sent them and their spin rods on their way.  Something to keep in mind when you are planning your day, springtime afternoon winds come like clockwork.  At the end of the day we targeted the last of the spawners and sight fished.  When sight fishing, you have to have all your ducks in a row and persistence pays off. If you keep running an egg in their face, their bodies are programmed to keep eating.  So be patient and keep at ’em.  Here are some pictures of Cary and Bob on their trip upriver.  Til next time, keep your tips high and your lines wet.  Kyle Klemme-Guide.

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