March 12′

March 12′

Hello all my fellow fishers,
Low water again and we are loving it. The flow is an average of 10,000 cfs, but we are seeing it as low as 7,500 cfs first thing in the morning.
The fish are FAT, just have a look at this beautiful 15′ female bow, tell me you don’t see the football shape and the fat squeezing out between fingers!
I am seeing more and more fish meet this profile, the health of the population as a whole is phenominal. They were healthy coming out of winter but with the spring food coming early because of a warm winter they are happy, happy fish right now, and I predict it will only get better through the spring. The key factor in this prediction will be the BIG spring midge & black fly hatches, which we should see starting any day now.
I have been having most success with a regular nymphing rig, of about 9′ in total length, #4-#1 weight with a glow bug, and a #16-#18 zebra midge below. Throw this in the riffle as the water rises, then move down or up the bar to find the slower fall out areas after the water has came all the way up.
Spawning fish are out there and we have been enjoyed some sight fishing for the redds as well, this rig is a 5′ single fly version of the nymphing rig explained above, use all flies in your box and change often to keep them guessing. Pick out the biggest fish and make that your target, as you will see first you’ll catch the littler fish, but the most patient guy will eventually get that big one and she is worth it too!
If we can be of service as always it would be our pleasure to take you out to pursue thoughs beautiful wild bows.

“May your lines be tight, and always, always remember to keep your tip up”

Mick Lovett

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