Low flows

Low flows

We apologize for the month of September and not informing you on the new water flows and reports, we have a couple successful hunts to blame for the time gap.  The new water flows for the month of September through October have been and are continuing on a very small fluctuation from 8000-8150cfs.  Really has not had an effect on the bite. 

Fishing has been very good and great weather to match makes it hard to get off the water.  Main riffles throughout the river are loaded with fish.  Like in the past, fish are at your feet.  We are going through a full moon phase,  when this happens scuds happen.  I have been throwing a combination with a scud on top and a midge trailing.  Running a short leader then adding 5′ of 5x to a weight of location,  another 8-12″ of 5x to a scud.  Scud size and color have ranged from a size 18-12 I have been sticking with the 12.  Colors from pink,orange,gray,white all are working. From the scud add another 20″ of 5/6x depending on your size of midge 5x-16 6x-18 zebra and reds are working.  The weight of location depends on depth and speed of flow,  we have been targeting this length of water at the tops of riffles were the fish are stacked up feeding. 

Sunshine is a key factor right now.  The sun offers you protection from the trouts’ keen vision, in the shade if not presented correctly, fishing can slow. The size of the fish are all over, we have not seen just one range.  There are alot of fish together and you just have to keep at it.  Or sometimes you hit the right pod and they’re all footballs.  I have not found a bar that is holding bigger or more fish, they are all equal in the sun.

Drifting has been successful over large flats.  Dry droppers, midging rigs or streamers all are producing fish.  In the shade we experimented with a dry set up.  A small stimulator, small dropper on shallow water came up with a few fish, and holding on the swing attracted a couple reaction takes.  The fish are hungry and now is a great time experiment.  Most of the time we started fishing from the shore the fish were so close.

The fish for now seem healthy not what we thought of a month of this flow pattern.  The midges are hatching,  and scuds are plentiful.  We will be sure to keep you informed on these next weeks on the size and river conditions.

There has been reports of good fish at the walk in I will hopefully going down this week to get a report for the weekend.  Here are Septembers pics,  Tell the walk in  enjoy these pics and thank you to the ones in them.
Kyle Klemme,

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