Late June-Early July

Hello to all my fellow fishers out there. This has been an epic year so far the fish are day and sassy, and we are seeing great numbers. Scenery is second to none, we have been seeing desert bighorn sheep just about everyday this June, the weather is also good, starting to get a little hot, but 100 degrees means cicadas, and they have started to buzz! I have been haveing some sucess and the big big patterns, and when the water flows go up to the projected 10,000-18,000 for July we should be in the money! The higher water means the cicadas will start coming in contact with the water more often and should get the fish to key on the drys near the shorelines! 
I look forward to seeing you all for the big bug season. 
As always “tight lines and always remeber to keep your tip up”!
Mick Lovett

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