Largemouth Bass in the Colorado River

We’re happy to let our readers know that this year, the
river has recently been experiencing an influx of one popular fish. As this article published by The Mohave Valley
Daily News
discusses, numbers of largemouth bass that have been
spotted are much higher than usual.

The wide expanse of the Colorado River is home to some of
the country’s strongest populations of beautiful rainbow trout and striped
bass. Here at Marble Canyon Outfitters, we take great pride in offering some of
the area’s best fly fishing experiences on this major American waterway.
Largemouth bass catches from this stretch of the Colorado
River have typically ranged from just under two pounds up to a little more than
three and a half pounds. In the right areas, largemouth bass are often larger
than the average striped bass that an angler can bring in.

Fishermen interviewed for the above story did mention how
much of their bait was being taken up by smaller fish, which they often had to
send back into the river. However, the activity of the fish inhabiting the
stretches of the Colorado River has been encouraging to everyone visiting this
region of the country. Anchovies make good live bait, but for those anglers
interested in artificial lures, spinner baits had shown some good effectiveness
in picking up bass.

Still, fishermen visiting the area should remember that,
although the bass populations may be better in some areas, that doesn’t mean
that you’ll be catching fish much faster. Patience is a virtue, especially when
it comes to fly fishing, but a few hours spent angling for a catch will often
net an experienced fisherman a sizable meal.
Come on down to Marble
Canyon Outfitters for a guided fly fishing experience where you’re assured
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