Here’s Why You Should Consider Trout Fishing on the Colorado River

Here’s Why You Should Consider Trout Fishing on the Colorado River

Trout FishingRecreational fishing, for pleasure or competition, is one of America’s top pastimes. A pastime is defined as an activity someone does regularly for enjoyment rather than work. In other words, a pastime is a hobby.

In this crazy world we’re living in today, with bad news on the Internet all the time, isn’t it nice to know there are places we can escape to where there’s less noise and commotion? One of the best ways to get away from society and all its worries is to spend a day or two fishing.

What are some reasons to go trout fishing on the Colorado River, via Marble Canyon Outfitters at Lees Ferry?

Trout Fishing is Fun

First, it’s fun. Fishing is something to look forward to and wonder, “Will I catch anything? How much will I catch? Will I catch a big one?” The element of surprise is in fishing– you never know what’ll come up out of the water when you pull your line in. Hopefully, it’ll be a gigantic trout, the kind you’ll take pictures of and brag about to your friends.

Trout Fishing Provides Exercise

Next, fishing is the kind of hobby that allows you to get some exercise, spend time outdoors in the elements, and even catch (and eat) your dinner. Did you know trout are considered delicious and nutritious by most people? High in protein and healthy fats, trout are among the cleanest fish you can ever eat.

Trout Fishing Allows You to Spend Time in Nature

Also, people like to go trout fishing because it affords them time spent in nature, where they can relax, take photos of the beauty around them, and enjoy the peacefulness (and serenity) of “the great outdoors.” Oh, and for those who take a boat to do their fishing, they enjoy the boat ride, taking them places they’d never easily get to on foot.

Trout Fishing is a Good Challenge

Finally, trout fishing is a good challenge. Learn to tie flies. Learn how to use a float tube. Figure out how to catch rainbow trout and then try your luck at catching brown trout instead.

Marble Canyon Outfitters at Lees Ferry offers fishing expeditions on the Colorado River where a boat, guide, fuel and lunches are all part of the package. For more info, call 800-533-7339.

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