Hello my fellow fishing persons, I have been out on the ferry a bit lately and the fishing has been good. We have been catching some real nice18 to 20 inch spawning males that are all decked out in there spawning colors. Also catching our average size of 15″ trout and good numbers of them. The great thing is we have been able to catch them in all kinds of different methods which is always alot of fun. So I will list and explain each of the methods that are working in the order from best to good. Of course,sight fishing rainbows on the Redd’s would be most anglers number one. My best tip for this is use one fly a roe colored glo bug or a rust Sanjaun worm,put a small stick on foam indicator at the end of your nine foot leader 5x. Where you would have already tied on a length of 5x tippet twice the length as the average depth of water you are fishing. Number two is what I call a midging rig. Lately on alot of bars where we are fishing after the water has come up. I see fish taking emergers they are not really taking dries but one would see a flash,splash,dorsal fin,tail or porpasing. The rig is the same as method one except use 6x tippet about 24 to 30 inches long and use a bead head midge pattern I’ve just been using a zebra. Third method is streamer fishing. we’ve been using a olive Crystal bugger. The secret here is the orvis depth charge sink tip line in the 150 grain. Finally the standard nymphing rig is always a deadly tactic on the Ferry. My tip here is make sure you adjust your weight as the water rises and when it falls. My standard rule is one should get a false strike every 4 to 6 dead drifts. So I don’t care how you get out on the river just get here. If I can be of service to you give me a call I would love to share more with you. ROCKY LOVETT

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