Hello everyone,

Hope your all having a great year. As you all know the season is turning and fall is just around the corner, for the Ferry this means lower water flows for September and October. A steady 15,500 cfs to be exact, and remember this is down from our summer flow of 24,500 cfs.

I was the only guide boat on the water today, and one of two total fishing boats out?

I was anticipating the wading and proceeded to a favorite wading bar for this water level, and as expected it was my midging rig that we were having our success. The rig is pretty simple;plsa indicator, 36” of 5x tippet to a size 16 tung. bead zebra midge(you pick the color), then 20” to next midge, size 16-18, on 6x, and steel or tungsten bead.

The numbers were good, lots of variation in size, plus for those of you who want to wade the ferry again before the winter; now is the time.I have availability all over September and October, so if Ican be of service please let me know.

So the picture to the right is the other guide now working for MCO, and the author of the previous few blog entries; his name is Kyle Klemme, just wanted to make a semi-formal introduction, he has been a great addition to MCO.

Til next time, tight lines, and always remember to keep that tip up!

Mick Lovett

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