Hello everyone, fishing Lees Ferry is successful. The last two day trip we had good success with three different rigs. Morning and end of day consisted of a big bug setup with or without a dropper(#16-18 zebra midge) running between 14-24 ”, hugging banks and tamarask. Next rig is nymphing, running a 5x leader with 10′ to the first midge, add on another 12-16” of 5-6x tippet for your bottom midge. Add a (AB) 20-26 inches above your first fly, and get in the water. Last we ran a streamer setup with a 200g depth charge with 3x tippet 6 feet out. Working a olive pattern woolly, low and slow to false strip on the swing or a quick strip back to the boat all work. Keep up moving and always work in different patterns. As Bill would say “Its all about the presentation!”

As always keep me in the loop and yours from crashing.

Kyle Klemme-Guide

Special thanks to Bill, and Mickey for the great two days.

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