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Here is a group I fished with May 1, 2011, Les Roberts (bottom) with a big male he caught on the midging rig, (zebra midge), his son Cole (middle) with a fat 16” female also on a zebra midge, and Garrett (top) with a fat 15” once again, with the midgeing rig and a zebra midge.

May is here, which means a new spring month, filled with great fishing, fair weather and of course great people to share it with.

The midges are out in full force, which means lost of feeding, especially in the shallow runs, and Eddie seams. As I have mentioned in previous posts; the fish are really healthy and full of energy. May has brought a new water flow and in turn good fishing. Much the same as April, we are having the best success with my midgeing rig, and size 16, and size 18, zebra midge patterns of various colors, from your standard black & silver, to one of my own ties, purple & silver, and everything in between. Its all about the midge right now, but there are still some fish out there willing to eat a San Juan worm, or scud, in live colors, and of course the egg patterns for another weeks or two, when the last of the spawners finish for the year.

Looking forward to another great month on the Ferry, so if I can be of service please feel free to contact me at anytime. Thanks again to all who came and enjoyed the Ferry with me so far this year. Tight lines to all, and always remember “keep that tip up”.

Mick Lovett

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