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Hello again everyone,
I had to blog this, I got cancelled last week in the middle of a 5 day stretch, so I went down to the walk in…It was a killer day, I had about 2 hours where I couldn’t miss, smaller zebra midge patterns, #18-#20 same colors as up river. As the water was rising the fishing was really good, you can see from the pics above I was alone and couldn’t take a picture of them all.
The walk-in is fishing well if you know how to fish the area, move around alot and if you find fish sit on the spot and fish it good, change flies if the fishing slows but don’t leave a place you caught fish until you are absolutely sure its fished out. We have a full time  guide for the walk-in and would love to take you out, I work the walk-in on occasion as well, so if we can be of service please let us know.
Mick Lovett

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