What Should I Wear When I Go Fly Fishing?

As with most outdoor activities, being well prepared for a fly-fishing
trip is key. There are certain circumstances to observe when getting ready to go
out for the day, with articles of clothing to strap on for every fly-fishing need. While you may not always need everything mentioned, it’s a nice overview of what’s out there.
The Basics
Because fly-fishing requires you to be on the move, equipment
is often out of reach. A quality fly-fishing vest or shirt can serve as a
wearable tackle box, made of durable fabric, and with an abundance of pockets
to store flies, hooks, and other supplies. 
One important thing to keep in mind when choosing a vest or loading it
up for the day is the way it distributes weight throughout your body. During a
long day of fishing, a heavy vest puts more stress on your frame than you might
think. Depending on the weather forecast, dress in layers so that you can add
and remove clothing for your own comfort and safety.
Ready to Wade
Fly-fishing involves a great deal of time wading in water,
so you’ll want to acquire a solid pair of wading boots. You’ll also want
something to wear underneath them, as cold water temperatures can be
uncomfortable, even through good boots. Just make sure that whatever you choose
to wear is breathable. There are different types of wading apparel available,
as each angler tends to settle on what they feel most comfortable (and dry) in.
If possible, see that whatever you wear will dry relatively quickly
if it happens to get wet. Even if you don’t think you’re in danger of falling
in, splashing water and condensation can still be a nuisance over time.
Besides, even the most experienced anglers take the occasional tumble. Some choose
to wear a special belt over waders to keep them from becoming waterlogged in emergencies.
Blending In
Why go through the trouble of strategizing and casting
perfectly if you’re scaring the fish away to begin with? Avoid bright,
unnatural colors and go with neutral shades that blend in well with your
surroundings. White, gray, brown, or even light blue are all fine choices when
it comes to the color of your clothing.
Block the Sun
A pair of polarized sunglasses might be the most important item, aside from
your rod, that you can bring fishing. Not only do sunglasses protect your eyes
from the Sun’s rays, they also eliminate glare and allow you to more easily
spot fish. To protect the rest of your body from the hot Sun, you’ll want to
wear a brimmed hat and apply sunblock to exposed parts of your body. Even if
the weather is a little chilly, the Sun can shine just the same.

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