Feb 2012   / ISE Expo

Feb 2012 / ISE Expo


Hello heres the lates report on my return to the Ferry. After coming off the water for the last week fishing was good. The spawn beds are active and make for fun site fishing hook ups. One way to fish this is with a short single nymph rig with a egg pattern. Locate your bed and throw a good distance infront of the fish to allow your egg to get in the fish’s face, and be ready to set. Also in low water becareful not to desturb emurged or shallow beds. Fish have also been regular to take San Juan worms, scuds, and midges are always a go to with spring soon to come. With the nice weather and finally a wadable flow. We have been able to wade any gravle bars. Were a standard nymph rig on the outer deeper faster water produces good fish. Coming in to the slower inside water of seams we run a midging rig, or early in the A.M.have been having luck with a dry dropper set up. Sunday was a great day on the bottom of the river were the water flow produced a slow rise all day. The fishing was a one stop shop. Running a egg as a bottom fly was also a good fly choice for that day. Looking forward to see if we can se more Sunday water flows like that in the future. We will keep you updated, also we will be in Glendale,AZ from the 23-26 at University Of Phoenix statium for the Internationl Sportsmen Expo. Come on down and check us you can find us at booth 430.

Tell next time keep them fish busy.

Kyle Klemme-MCO Guide

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