Fatty in the net

Another great fish

Big bow-drifting at the dam
Special thanks to Shawn, and Riley 

Pig on the streamer
Nice one Andy

Cicada-still a few fish looking up

Big Brown 20″ plus. Once in a life time at the ferry.
Hello everyone, 
This has been a great summer season. The fishing is just exceptional, catching fish from the shore, from the boat, on streamers,  deep nymphing, big drys, dry-dropper. It’s awesome. Although the cicada bit has tapered off, the wading/drifting days have been great. San Juan worms of orange, red, or brown, scud patterns have been great, pink or brown, of course midges, black is best but gray and green midges have been good as well. 
With all the fish in such great health this summer, this fall season should be great, I am really looking forward to the return of our fall fluctuations, so of fall is open on your calendar for a trip to the ferry I highly suggest you do it. If we can be of service please let us know.
As always “may your lines be tight, and always remember to keep that tip up”
Mick Lovett

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