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River Report- 4/22/19

River Report- 4/22/19

The midge hatch at Lees Ferry is going crazy!! The fishing has been getting better and better every day! You still see a lot of fish in the deep sections but the wading is getting good. midges, scuds and worms seem to be what is working the best. Experiment with color of midges. Don’t give up until you have tried a few colors as the Lees Ferry trout are VERY picky. Drift them long and keep your weight right and you will catch fish. Click the media tabs on the home page for up to date photos of the great days at Lees Ferry with Marble Canyon Outfitters!

We love seeing the next generation on the water!

3/20/19- River report

  The river is receiving more and more sunlight which is good for our Midge hatch. The fish are moving out of their spawning grounds in the deeps and coming into the riffles. We are fishing scuds, worms and midges in various colors and sizes. The streamer bite at Lees Ferry seems to remain strong.… Continue Reading

Lees Ferry is getting better everyday! February 9th 2019

Even though its chilly out the Lees Ferry Trout got to eat! The fishing is staying very steady and we expect it to keep getting better everyday as the sun gets further into the canyon with Midge hatch’s about to pop. The spring time at Lees Ferry can be off the chart so book your… Continue Reading

Things to Consider Before Going on a Fly Fishing Trip

Things to Consider Before Going on a Fly Fishing Trip

Marble Canyon Outfitters offers guided fly fishing trips at Lees Ferry on the Colorado River near Page, Arizona. This remote but beautiful canyon location is about five hours from both Phoenix and Las Vegas. If you’re looking for a beautiful spot to try fly fishing for the first time, you can’t beat this wondrous place!… Continue Reading

What Is Wade Guiding?

There are many types of fishing techniques that anglers can employ when searching for a big catch. You might find one technique suits you better than others, but it is worthwhile to try as many as you can to become a versatile fisherman. One such technique to try is wade fishing. According to Florida Sportsman,… Continue Reading