9/3/09 fishing report

Hello everyone, I was out on the river monday 9/1/09. The fishing was great. We started out nymphing with a size #16 zebera midge and a#18 creastal flash midge. That worked well but we soon got bored with that.I know your saying I would like to be bored nymphing at the Ferry. Ok we wanted to try somthing else. So we went to casting and blasting streamers a olive woollybugger to be exact.That worked really well. We caught a couple fat 18 inchers and a whole mess of fish. Drifting a deep nymphing rig is working also.Try a dry dropper along the grassy banks from a boat or wading.That sould be good. Well I will see you out there or you could give us a call and be out there with us. Good fishing! Rocky Lovett For More Details, Visit Home at https://www.leesferryflyfishing.com

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